Online Blackjack Real Money in The UK

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While slot machines feature the greatest variety, the most popular games are probably table games. As they say, a classic is a classic for a reason. Blackjack is no exception, and all good online casinos strive to offer more variants of real money online blackjack to satisfy their customers' desires. We have prepared for you some information about what the game is, blackjack strategy, and where to play blackjack online for real money.

What Is Blackjack Online Real Money?

To Francophones, blackjack is known as vingt et un or 21. It is not clear where exactly this game originated. According to some historians, the roots of the game can be traced back to the ancient Romans. Blackjack began to be played in Parisian salons in the early 18th century and gained widespread popularity after being brought to North America. Since then, many variants of the game have been developed, but one thing is certain - blackjack is a mandatory part of the catalogue of any casino.

What Are the Rules of Online Blackjack for Real Money?

For players that are new to online real money blackjack, here is a guide with the basic game rules. Once you dive into the world of online gambling blackjack real money, you'll find that the basics are easy to learn.

  1. Choose a blackjack 21 online real money game and select the value of your bet.
  2. Press Deal to confirm your bet.
  3. You will be given two cards by the dealer. The dealer will deal himself two cards too, one of which will be faced up.
  4. At this point there are a few things you can do. The goal is for your hand to be as close to, but no more than, 21. And of course, higher than the dealer's one, which must be at least 17.
    • Hit – ask for another card.
    • Stand – you'll play with the hand you are dealt.
    • Double Down - you double your bet and take another card from the dealer.
    • Split – to form two new hands, you separate your hand.
  5. The dealer reveals his faced down card.
  6. The player with the highest hand wins. If someone goes over 21, he/she gets busted.

What Are the Online Blackjack Real Money Card Values?

In order to be able to calculate the value of your hand while you are playing blackjack online for real money, you need to know the cards’ worth.


Blackjack Demo vs Real Money Blackjack Online

If you are not sure that blackjack real money online is your game, you can try the demo version of the particular game you have chosen. Keep in mind that there are differences between blackjack demo and online casino blackjack real money.

Blackjack DemoBlackjack Online Game Real Money
You can try the games at no costThe games are designed to be played with real money
You can't win any moneyYou may win some money
You cannot claim bonusesYou can take advantage of the bonuses
The game can be practicedYou will play the game for real
Here is a chance to test out some blackjack strategies without spending moneyTo try the strategies, you have to place a bet

The Best Online Blackjack Real Money Games

Perhaps everyone who plays casino wants to know which are the best online real money blackjack games. The logic is simple. People want to try what's most popular. Here is the top five of the most preferred online blackjack with real money games.

  • Blackjack European
  • Blackjack Multi-Hand
  • Atlantic City Blackjack
  • Vegas Downtown Blackjack
  • Blackjack Royal Pairs

Where Can I Play Blackjack Online for Real Money?

In the UK there is plenty of opportunities you can choose from. However, some gambling sites have a greater species diversity, and their portfolios contain some of the best real money blackjack online versions. We have selected the top three casinos where you can play blackjack for real money online.


At Betiton you can choose from 13 different blackjack versions. Moreover, the casino is working on developing its live platform and currently has up to 59 blackjack tables. These are the most popular live blackjack online real money games:

  • Blackjack Party
  • Platinum Blackjack
  • Blackjack Diamond
  • Speed Blackjack Live
  • The Strip Blackjack


Established in 2012, the award-winning Leo Vegas has paid special attention to table games, including 51 games in its selection, 16 of which give you the chance to play online blackjack real money. The King of Mobile Casino, as it is called, strives to give its customers an unforgettable experience by keeping an eye out for new games to be added to its portfolio.


bwin was founded in 1997 and although it is an Austrian-based casino, it is very popular around the world. At bwin there are 17 real money blackjack options from which you can find the most suitable one for you. Besides, on the live platform, you can play live blackjack with real dealers and players. It's even possible to open a blackjack online real money PayPal account to keep your winnings within your preferred banking method.


Can you play blackjack online for real money?

As long as you are aware of your bank account status and do not wager more than you can afford, you can play blackjack online for real money.

What do I need to have to play blackjack online real money?

First, you need to create an account at the casino you have chosen. It’s necessary to make a deposit to play with real money. Reading some online blackjack real money reviews before you start playing it’s a good idea.

Do game strategies work in online casino real money blackjack?

When playing blackjack online for real money, game strategies do not have much influence, because of the Random Number Generator. Thanks to it the results are completely random, and the decks are shuffled after each hand.

In case you want to learn more about blackjack, just browse the website.